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Stereotype hi-top sneakers - Black Maison Martin Margiela IPNpwV4
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Stereotype hi-top sneakers - Black Maison Martin Margiela

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A blog by sociologist Deborah Lupton

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The Australian government has met with difficulties in persuading Australians to register with its national electronic health record system, My Health Record. Just one in five Australians have a My Health Record. I have just submitted an article for peer review that reports on the findings from the Australian Women and Digital Health Project in which the participants talked about their attitudes to and experiences with My Health Record in interviews and focus groups. As the Australian Digital Health Agency moves towards an opt-out process to register as many Australians as possible, the findings from this study offer important insights into what Australian women think of My Health Record.

The full preprint version of the article can be accessed here: Giant Studded leather sandals Balenciaga tyyUDR

Here are the major findings:

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New feminist materialism theories potentially offer a foundation for exciting, innovative and creative ways to research health-related experiences from a more-than-human perspective. Donna Haraway, Karen Barad, Rosi Braidotti and Jane Bennett are among the most influential scholars in new feminist materialisms. These scholars’ writings are perhaps most inspiring for their insistence on emphasising the vitalities, perversities and vibrancies of human-nonhuman assemblages. Theirs is an affirmative ethics and politics, which celebrates the renewal and liveliness of the capacities that these assemblages generate. (See an earlier post on key approaches in new materialisms .)

A major difficulty with current feminist materialism empirical work is that a methodology for how to go about conducting it is often described in very vague terms: if indeed it is described at all. In the attempt to develop a clearer understanding of how researchers can take up and think with feminist materialism theory in qualitative health research, in this post I outline some approaches I have developed when conducting analyses of the social impact and lived experiences of digital health technologies (for example, health-related mobile phone apps, wearable monitoring devices, social media platforms and online discussion forums). This is presented as a series of propositions and key questions that I have found inspiring to creatively think with rather than as a definitive ‘cook-book’ of methods. My approach incorporates both reflective and diffractive methods, depending on the research questions and materials I am working with. While post-qualitative and diffraction researchers sometimes overtly eschew what they view to be the overly-prescriptive approach of attempting to find themes or discourses in research materials, I would argue that this approach can be valuable, particularly if the research materials are voluminous.

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Example 10.141.12 . Let n , m \geq 1 n , m 1 be integers. Consider the ring map

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. Write symbolically

where for example a_1(b_ i, c_ j) = b_1 + c_1 a 1 ( b i , c j ) = b 1 + c 1 . The matrix of partial derivatives is

The determinant \Delta Δ of this matrix is better known as the resultant of the polynomials g = x^ n + b_1 x^{n - 1} + \ldots + b_ n g = x n + b 1 x n 1 + + b n and h = x^ m + c_1 x^{m - 1} + \ldots + c_ m h = x m + c 1 x m 1 + + c m , and the matrix above is known as the Sylvester matrix associated to g, h g , h . In a formula \Delta = \text{Res}_ x(g, h) Δ = Res x ( g , h ) . The Sylvester matrix is the transpose of the matrix of the linear map

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